About Kunav

This website is an exploration into the brave new world of cryptocurrency. But that doesn't necessarily mean that we think we know much about cryptocurrency.

Often, when you hear proponents of crypto talk, they tend to focus on the end-state, how things will be once this new form of currency, transactions and settlements have been fully integrated into our lives.

Starting at the end and then threading yourself back to the beginning can be a very useful thought exercise. There is no arguing against that.

The aim of this publication is different though. We aim to step back and ask ourselves questions that at first glance might seem overly simplistic or naive. The stupid questions.

We live at exciting times, where how we interact financially might change drastically, where new systems might replace conventional systems of currency, settlements and secularization.

Yet, what remains to be seen is where new and old will meet. In what way will our financial systems need to adapt to crypto and in what way will crypto need to adapt to our existing ways of doing in relation to finance.

We don't know yet.

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