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Cloud Mining Providers | An Honest & Unbiased Review

Long story short, we believe that cryptocurrency mining has the possibility of becoming a major asset class. Somewhat paradoxically, we do not necessarily believe that Bitcoin, Ethereium or [insert cryptocurrency name] will necessarily skyrocket in nominal value. We believe that the mining process, in and by itself, can be a profitable endeavour, irrespective of how cryptocurrency prices and their respective market capitalization develop.

How? Well, imagine a scenario where there would be millions of different cryptocurrencies in circulation, each with their own purpose and use case. We are not saying that is the reality that we are predicting will happen. We are merely saying that is one of the ways this can play out. What we are saying is that in most of those alternate realities, mining and Proof of Work will play an important role.  What is Mining?  In all Proof of Work cryptocurrencies, the miners (or workers as they are also called) lend processing power to the system to facilit…

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