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Investing in Crypto from a Portfolio Perspective

The appeal for cryptocurrencies and digital tokens is for many the possibility of a home run. But betting on one outcome will make your outcome binary. You are either right or you are wrong. In an investing subject that has such high uncertainty of outcome, as blockchain and cryptocurrencies undoubtedly have, trying to determine who the most likely winner is, might not be the optimal investment strategy. An investor in the blockchain space, even if that investor would be 100% convinced that distributed ledgers will disrupt the finance industry, he will face three major problems: We don't know who the winners will be We don't know what the winner will be The last mover advantage We don't know who the winners will be Industries tend to consolidate over time. This has been as true with banking and auto manufacturing as it has been true with breweries and paint manufacturing. Online, the power laws of industry consolidation have been even stronger. In the online wo

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