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Cryptocurrency Mining has to be Profitable

In essence, a cryptocurrency is nothing but a transaction system, a means of exchange. You can argue (as you can with all currencies) that it is also a store of value, but the only reason to store value is the intent to exchange it to something else at a later date. 
Every transaction system has a settlement system. For all digital currencies, the settlement cannot be physical. The main problem with the previous versions of digital currencies has always been that digital things can be copied. Cryptocurrencies solved this with distributed ledger and the mining process.  The Mining Process is the Settlement System  In a Proof of Work cryptocurrency, transactions are facilitated through the mining process. So, in the case of proof of work cryptos, such as Bitcoin and Dash, there has to be a mining process. For there to be a mining process, the mining has to be profitable over the long term. 
Think of it this way: If I can buy a Bitcoin for less than the cost of mining a Bitcoin, why woul…

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